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  • Well, I think I found a solution to this in the most Gutenberg way possible.

    Set block template javascript variable in the template, then read that variable instead of relying on“core/block-editor”).

    Since Gutenberg is all about saving the data into the html this seemed like the best way to get field data from other blocks.

    // Dynamic block ID.
    $block_id = 'repeater-' . $block['id'];
    $blockClasses = implode( ' ', array( $block['className'] ) );
    $per_page = get_field( 'per_page' );
    $allowed_blocks = array( 'acf/card' );
    <div id="<?php echo $block_id; ?>" class="<?php echo $blockClasses; ?>">
    	<InnerBlocks templateLock="false" allowedBlocks="<?php echo esc_attr( wp_json_encode( $allowed_blocks ) ); ?>"/>
    <div class="items-repeat"></div>
    	var <?php echo $block['id']; ?> = {
    	   'per_page': <?php echo $per_page; ?>

    Then in my javascript onchange I can get the block / field from the variable