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  • Seems like an issue with acf_form, I’ve tried using a plugin Advanced forms to do something similar, and it submits no issues. I’d rather stick to the original acf-form if possible.

    This is where the warnings are pointing to in pluggable.php

    		 * Filters the X-Redirect-By header.
    		 * Allows applications to identify themselves when they're doing a redirect.
    		 * @since 5.1.0
    		 * @param string $x_redirect_by The application doing the redirect.
    		 * @param int    $status        Status code to use.
    		 * @param string $location      The path to redirect to.
    		$x_redirect_by = apply_filters( 'x_redirect_by', $x_redirect_by, $status, $location );
    		if ( is_string( $x_redirect_by ) ) {
    			header( "X-Redirect-By: $x_redirect_by" );
    		header( "Location: $location", true, $status );
    		return true;