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  • In my case the above solution didn’t work.
    Still, there were changes.

    A JavaScript error message appeared on the console as soon as the media library was launched.
    After I put the above code in my functions.php file,
    Now I got the exact same error message when clicking a picture that is shown in the media library.
    The error message is “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘removeAllPlayers’) at n.render (media-views.min.js?ver=5.9.1:2:91463)” .

    And the media library looks just like its style.css file is gone. The layout is completely broken and is located in the corner of the screen. This is the same before and after applying this code.

    I have to release the site to the public tomorrow, but this happened yesterday, so I am in a very difficult situation right now.
    Hope someone can solve this problem.