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  • Hi John,

    $fields = acf_get_local_store('fields');

    This is the internal array in the ACF store that holds a mapping with field names to field ids.

    Here’s a very minimalistic representation of what I’m doing:

                "key" => "group_Feature toggles",
                "title" => "Feature Toggles",
                "fields" => [
                        "type" => "true_false",
                        "name" => "anchor_tags",
                        "label" => "Anchor Tags",
                        "key" => "field_feature_toggles_anchor_tags",
            get_field('anchor_tags', 'option');

    The aliases array contains:
    "anchor_tags" => "field_feature_toggles_anchor_tags"

    So my pre load value work around just fetches the field key from the internal store and uses that to fetch the value instead of the name solving the issue.