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  • I took me quite some time to figure out on how to do this – so I’ll post my solution to hopefully help somebody else who’s having the same Problem:
    My requirement was to be able to search not only for the title but an ACF field (a number in my particular case) as well.
    I stumbled across the second link from Johns answer before and was able to use it for the search functionality of the edit screens of my custom posts – but it was not working for the post object ACF field – since $is_search is not set on ajax requests/queries.
    I tried to find another way to identify the query from the post object field and in the end I ended up with the following:

    function cf_post_object_query( $args ) {
        // Set a query variable to identify the post object query
        $args['is_acf_query'] = true;
        // return
        return $args;
    // filter for a specific field
    add_filter('acf/fields/post_object/query', 'cf_post_object_query');

    In combination with Adams filters (slightly customized):

    function cf_search_where( $where, $wp_query ) {
        global $pagenow, $wpdb;
        $is_acf = isset( $wp_query->query['is_acf_query'] ) ? $wp_query->query['is_acf_query'] : false;
        if ( is_search() || $is_acf ) {
            $where = preg_replace(
                "(".$wpdb->posts.".post_title LIKE $1) OR (".$wpdb->postmeta.".meta_value LIKE $1)", $where );
        return $where;
    add_filter( 'posts_where', 'cf_search_where', 10, 2 );

    (You’d need to do this for all three of them I suppose)

    But it finally works, I can search for the acf field and the title in the post object field.