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  • Hi John

    Thankyou for getting back to me. I have read tons of your ACF work and use a couple of your plugins. I’m very grateful to you for posting a reply.

    Yes that is exactly what I’m trying to do; and are well in over my head! I’ve attached a JPG which probably explains it better. The area in blue is the parent “listing” post. In green are related viewing appointment times: “events.” In orange is an ACF form with a “booking” post. Within the booking post in purple is a related “events” field. Purple is supposed to allow the user to choose from the available event times (as seen in green). Purple currently lists all booking times posted for all events.

    At the top you can see a shortcode return: 207 is the ID of the listing (Blue) and the array 3515,4562 are the events times (green). I cannot seem to get the array loaded in the ACF [acf/fields/post_object/query/] filter. The post ID (207) comes back empty when in called inside the filter.

    I’ve tried using a global var to save the ID but this also seems to zero out.

    I’m beyond the limits of my present knowledge on how to fix this.

    Some other files also attached which you can take credit for and use as you see fit 🙂