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  • Unfortunately this isn’t the case. To test if these rows even exist i tried this:

    if (function_exists('have_rows')) {
            while (have_rows('field_61c18b86ee6fd')) {

    This did not return the expected ‘test’, ‘field_61c18b86ee6fd’ is the key of the repeater. I tied to use the sub fields key and this also didn’t return the expected ‘test’. I wondered what it could be until i found this.

    In the database there is a related_player_0_reservation_participant and a _related_player_0_reservation_participant the related_player_0_reservation_participant was not filled with an id. Updating this field like so: update_field('related_player_0_reservation_participant', 1, 204); did the trick for me. Anyways thanks for your help.