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  • Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Unless I need to do something more than installing the plugin. I updated my question in the wordpress forum, with this. Might be helpful?

    Trying to debug further. When I click on update on the post, if I inspect the HTTP request to admin-ajax.php, the payload has this:

    acf[field_61cf02821292a]: 500
    acf[quantity-label]: 1000 items

    The first one is saved to the database, while the second doesn’t. Doing more tests, looks like all the acf that have the name field_xxxx in the payload gets the update, while the rest don’t

    I am not 100% sure, but I think, the first field on the group I create takes the correct key format and every other custom field in that group takes the name of the field as the key. Which makes it not getting updated.