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  • Thank you so much for such a great answer, you helped me a lot, you opened my eyes.

    Basically, we work with clients and allow them to change the look, centring, color, etc … without “our” help.
    So, you are absolutely right not to overdo it, because it will confuse the client. As I started making, it became confusing for me as well… too many elements in each other. That’s why I posted a message here for someone to explain to me.

    I’ve already done something initial that I want, but it’s at some beginner level, without child elements. Mostly one flexible content with a bunch of options,heading,content,heading type ( H1, H2 ) text align ,color text ,image bg ,class(maybe that’s for client is not important but for me it is ).

    Thanks for the links, I’ll read them, I have to look at the Clone option, I haven’t used it so far, and I think it will help me not to rewrite all the same fields everywhere.

    Thanks again John.