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  • The page in question is a custom admin sub page that mimics a taxonomy admin page. I haven’t got a clue how this is added or if there is any way to change it. I did a search on the subject and found no information on changing this page. Changing this page would require WC having some type of action hook that runs when showing this page that would allow you to add ACF field groups to the form. It appears that the only source of information on if this can be done would be WC. If you can get information on if/how it is possible to alter this page then I could probably help you to add ACF fields to the page.

    Then the next problem would be where the information is actually stored and how to retrieve it because this page is simply an interface that allows you to add product attributes. From my understanding of this, each “attribute” that is added is a actually a new custom taxonomy and then then list for each of these has sub terms. So the interface is actually letting you create your own custom taxonomies associated with WC. So there really isn’t anywhere that this information is stored or to store any information associated with it. This would be like having information stored that is used on all “categories” or “tags” there is nowhere in WP to store information like this. So even if you could figure out how to alter this page I think that the effort would be wasted.