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  • Okay. Can you please enable the Developer Mode using the following code:

    add_action('acfe/init', 'my_acfe_modules');
    function my_acfe_modules(){
        // Enable Developer Mode
        acfe_update_setting('dev', true);

    Then visit your Archive Page in the Admin UI. You should now see the ACF Options Meta overview which will display all fields and their values just like they are saved in the database (like in my previous screenshot).

    Your field should be there produkt_archive_felt. Can you please share a screenshot of it?

    Note: To make sure everything is alright, we should discuss and use code with plain text only, without variables (as I don’t really know what is behind those variables).

    So my guess is that you tested: echo get_field('felt', 'produkt_archive');.

    The Developer Mode will confirm if that field exists.