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  • It’s totally NOT professional.

    Does the new developer REALLY forgot that ACF supports loading local fields from a JSON file, i.e. the fields definition will NOT exist per se, but will exist in a json that ACF loads.

    In my case all my :

    get_field(‘blabla_option_definition_that_should_be_loaded_from_json’, ‘option’)

    are now returning NULL instead of something, breaking all logic based on that.

    In case the new developer didn’t know that too : ACF is also used to generate Options page that have sitewide effects:

    As a result I have stored ACF field definitions in a JSON file that is totally ignored and thus all sitewide settings stored are ignored.

    And this has been reported on the 10th but you let everyone discover your error, losing money for 3 days wondering what was going on…

    What the hell are you waiting for AT LEAST inform every pro users that there is a glitch and that they should check everything is working fine???

    Very very upset to see this plugin has been acquired and how it’s now being developed.