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  • Luckily for me, I only had 1 site affected and only 4 places in the code that needed updating to accommodate the new security feature. Being in a full-time cybersecurity role, I have a lot of appreciation for this feature so that it doesn’t bleed over from unintended functionality. However, more disclosure/documentation about this update and how to mitigate would have been nice for developers so that our sites don’t suddenly go down after auto-updating (as it was for mine) and then scrambling to figure out what caused it.

    I’ve never used this particular plugin in combination with custom developments, so seeing the format of the function name I originally assumed it was a built-in function to WordPress. Took me a little while to figure out no built-in function existed and this was part of ACF. Perhaps adding the plugin tag infront of the function, such as acf_get_field, could have helped ID this as a plugin issue sooner. I appreciate all the support this forum has provided, which will have me considering using this more often for future projects.