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  • @floodlightdesign I believe that the only reason you did not have issues with this is the past is that you were using basic fields or possibly other types of fields that store simple text values. That also goes for getting fields with ACF when not created in ACF. The problem on multisite is that the fields need to be defined on the site you are switching from. There have been many topics over the years about this on multisite and ways to work around it. How you’d do this would be dependent on what you’re doing. If you post a new topic with the details I might be able to help you correct.

    I’m not part of the ACF dev team, but I do support what they have implemented. However, I do understand how this can be a problem for those that have depended on what was basically an unintended feature and that it could mean rebuilding sites. That’s why I posted the code that I posted above. While I don’t have this issue, if I did I’d want to be able to update ACF and get site back up and running as quickly as possible until I could fix correctly (or not).

    I will add that the code I provided will only work for fields that store simple text values in the DB because when the ACF field is not defined then ACF will be unable to format more complex fields correctly. But again, I’m assuming that most of the issue has to do with text based field since this flaw in ACF would never have worked with complex data types in the first place.