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  • @iainpoulson Amazing – thanks for putting this feature into ACF Pro. The people have been asking for it in this thread for 7 years and now it’s finally here!

    An extra special thank you for keeping the same constant name. We were using our little drop in plugin on dozens of client sites and now we can just delete the mu-plugin and move on instead of having to edit wp-config on every site.

    “or any other file that WordPress runs before it loads the ACF PRO plugin” – I guess they are saying you could technically put the constant in other files that load earlier – but I think most of those files would be something you would want to keep under version control, which would not be a good place to keep your license key. I think the danger of that happening is probably the reason Elliot never implemented this for so many years. Probably best to use wp-config.php unless you have a really special use-case or setup.