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  • Hi John,

    Great, it works!!!!!

    I’ve filled the fields ‘tip’, ‘reactie’ and ‘metaschema’.
    Next I’ll try the other php-functions that are using SF.
    The ‘FB_photo’ is less important, so I’ll wait with that till the other fields are solved.
    A question: should I make posts like this Public or Private?

    Thanks again for your help,

    FYI: the SF-field ‘metaschema’ is in our current website filled as below.
    When I copy-paste this to the corresponding ACF-field, it looses the returns after each day and displays as one long line
    (for the moment I’ve added <br /> in between each day).
    Dag 1-2: Tbilisi
    Dag 3: Kakheti
    Dag 4: Mtskheta, Stepantsminda
    Dag 5: Stepantsminda: Gergeti, Sno-vallei
    Dag 6: Uplistsikhe, Gori
    Dag 7: Chiatura, Kutaisi
    Dag 8: Svaneti: Mestia
    Dag 9: Mestia: Ushguli
    Dag 10-11: Batoemi
    Dag 12: Prometheus, Tskaltubo, Kutaisi
    Dag 13: Borjomi, Akhaltsikhe, Vardzia
    Dag 14: Vardzia, Tbilisi
    Dag 15: thuisreis