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  • I was able to manage it somehow. This is the sql query. It retrieve all the published posts of post_type “attivita”, according to the language (i’m using polylang) and to the “dayname” key_value.

    $language = pll_current_language();
    $rows = $wpdb->get_results($wpdb->prepare( 
                SELECT * 
                FROM wp_posts
    			INNER JOIN wp_postmeta m1
    				ON (wp_posts.ID = m1.post_id)
    			INNER JOIN wp_term_relationships wtr 
    				ON (wp_posts.ID = wtr.object_id)
    			INNER JOIN wp_term_taxonomy wtt 
    				ON (wtr.term_taxonomy_id = wtt.term_taxonomy_id)
    			INNER JOIN wp_terms wt 
    				ON (wt.term_id = wtt.term_id)
    				wp_posts.post_type = 'attivita'
    			AND wp_posts.post_status = 'publish'
    			AND wtt.taxonomy = 'language' 
    			AND wt.slug = %s
    			AND (m1.meta_key LIKE %s AND meta_value = %s)
    			'orario_%_giorno', // meta_name: $ParentName_$RowNumber_$ChildName
                $dayname // meta_value: 'type_3' for example

    Now i’m trying to display posts according to the starting time, stored as a subfield (attivita means activity, it’s a sort of calendar). all the activities take place in the morning (starting 9am) or in the afternoon (starting 3pm).

    So the code above is inserted in a while loop that counts day-by-day at each loop, and inside the while loop i have two foreach that displays the activities within each single day, for the morning and the afternoon respectively.