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  • The link in the tab
    <a href="" class="acf-tab-button" data-placement="top" data-endpoint="0" data-key="field_61719047e2a83">tab 1</a>

    data-key is the tab field’s field key. The actual tab field is hidden in the field group where it normally should appear.

    <div class="acf-field acf-field-tab acf-field-61719047e2a83" data-type="tab" data-key="field_61719047e2a83"> ....

    The fields in this tab are all of the fields in the field group that come after the tab field (the hidded element) and before the next tab field or the end of the group, or possible the end of the “parent” field when the tab is in a repeater, group, or flex field.