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  • Yeah, I’m aware of this but never used it for other than “duplicating” posts. Do you have any idea whether it’s capable of duplicating values to existing posts?
    Perhaps to better describe what I’m after. The products are custom branded electronics. So say I have product A which at current time has various field groups such as:

    • price
    • discounts
    • technical specification

    Now, when the season comes, they want to change price / discounts field groups (Price for example is a repeater field with columns: Price, Name, Tax, Valid from, Valid to). When they do, they then want to copy these settings to all other products within category and to through each of them and just amend the Price (or discount).
    I’ve been thinking about doing global Price/discount settings but that won’t do as basically each product has some differences. The problem is that those differences are very small. So I can’t build a template and yet it’s tedious work to set it up for every product from scratch.