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  • Thank you, the acf_update_setting mentioned in that thread was a help,

    With acf_update_setting I was able to get rid of select2, datepicker, timepicker

    Then after much searching and help from Query Monitor, I was able to get the handles and figure out alot of the others need to be dequeued through init hook, so through that I was able to get rid of jq touch punch, iris, wp-color-picker and code-editor.

    Through the init you can also get rid of jq ui core, jq ui mouse, jq ui sortable & jq ui resizable – unfortuneatly due to how they are all dependencies of each other and other scripts are dependencies/dependants of them, they seem to end up causing errors and breaking things with the main acf js object.

    Would be great if there was a way for these not all to be so intertwined however I understand why its like this, it just makes simple text field based forms somewhat pointless in acf_form when compared to other options.

    FYI for anyone in the future: I did have to also deregister & dequeue