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  • Have you even tried the code?

    I’m sorry, I’m doing my best to help you but you’re not really helping yourself here.

    Your topic title doesn’t match your question
    Your initial question is a bit vague and mentioned hiding the heading – which I did
    Your initial code is not complete

    The code I’ve provided hides the title based on a user role – you restrict it by amending which roles are in the array
    It also hides specific files based on the user role

    You’ve not really provided any other details, so trying to provide a solution without all the information.

    Unlike a WP Query, you can’t query a repeater as such. Therefore, you need to loop through the repeater, if it meets your requirements i.e. visible to specific roles, then show the files.

    For people to assist you, you need to assist them! Provide a clearer question, provide your code and outline exactly what you wish to achieve.

    Based on the information provided, the supplied code does what you’ve asked – hides the heading and files based on a user role.