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  • I’m focusing mainly on the issue of the autocomplete dropdowns not working when there are multiple instances of the form on the page right now.

    I was able to determine that it did work to have multiple instances with version 5.9.9, but it stopped working with 5.10(.0).

    I’m doing a diff between these versions and not surprisingly there are a ton of changes. It could be difficult to nail it down, and is probably not worth me investing the time in right now.

    I took a look at the changelog for 5.10 and I think this is the item that is most likely to be connected to whatever is causing the problem for me:

    Fix – Fixed issue where Select2 search input wouldn’t have focus in WordPress 5.8+

    I’m guessing that they fixed this focus issue by making a change to a jQuery selector — something that probably was not using a # (id selector) before, but should have been, now is, and I had previously been exploiting a bug without realizing it.

    Oh well…