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  • just an update for anyone else:

    hi. just wanted to update you on the solution, which i found with help of Oxy Support. firstly, it IS a bug, and it’s been reported to the devs. it’s specific to Repeaters, because in testing i first rebuilt the whole site in Italian, but same issue; the ACF datepicker inside a Repeater refused to be anything but in English. the solution (in case anyone asks you) is to use a Code Block instead of Dynamic Data in a text Block. in the Code block (if the ACF datepicker field is ‘single_event_date’, and desired format is d F Y) is:

    $date_string =strtotime(get_field('single_event_date'));
        $formatted_date = date_i18n('d F Y',$date_string);
        echo $formatted_date;