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  • hi jarvis,

    i’ve just spun up a fresh install, in Italian as Site Language before i did anything else, then imported pages, repeaters, CPT, and ACF fields and groups.

    I think i’m a bt closer to understanding what’s causing the issue, but not why or how to fix it. i use Oxygen, and it’s Repeater function to show my CPT (events) and it’s ACF fields (artist name, event venue, event date, address etc) on the page.

    i build the repeater array like this:
    post type: event
    meta_query > array: key: ‘single_event_date’ (ACF field), value: PHP Function return Value – ‘event_order’, compare: < (past dates)

    ‘event_order’ is a custom function written like this:
    function event_order() {
    $today = date(‘Ymd’);
    return $today;

    the objective is this: there’s a bunch of events set in the past and future. in some arrays i want to show only Future events, in others i want to show only past events. the array key is an ACF field called ‘single_event_date.’ the PHP value is today’s date (expressed as the new function ‘event_order’), and the array compares today’s date to the single_event_date to separate those events that are in the past, and those that are in the future.

    the problem is this: when the Site Language is English, the code snippet and the meta_query arrays work perfectly. in the old site, switching Site Language to Italian broke everything. and in thhis new test intall the same thing happens. WHY, and why when the site language isn’t English, i have no idea, but it’s the snippet, and ACF. any ideas?