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  • hi.

    beacause: pages without ACF content load fine, switching back the English as Site Language solves the issue, and leaving Site Language in Italian but disabling ACF works fine. also spun up another site, switched site language first, then installed ACF and added a Date Picker and that works too. so it’s building in ACF, then switching Site language that’s the problem. No error logs, but building on a Synology Diskstation and they hide them, which is unfortunate.

    i don’t actually care what the Site Language is, and it’s not a multilingual site and no language switching. the whole thing front end is Italian content, and all ACF field content too. it’s just the Date picker, the written months in format F or M (Jan or Janaury, Feb or Febraury etc, changed to Gen and Gennaio, Feb and Febbraio etc), that i need to string replace. even a translation plugin seems unnecessary, but i’m totally stuck. hope you can help!