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  • Thanks for the answer 🙂

    Yes it is, I just checked

    Just move my fields into another group but same problem.
    This is the new code in footer.php:

    <?php $postID = get_the_ID();
    $parametres = get_field('parametres', $postID);
    $imageSliderOpacity = $parametres['opacity']; 
    $imageSliderSpeed = $parametres['slider_speed'];
    echo $imageSliderOpacity; // returning nothing
    echo $postID; // returning 260 it's the correct post ID
    		slidesToShow: 1,
    		slidesToScroll: 1,
    		dots: true,
    		arrows: false,
    		focusOnSelect: true,
    		fade: true,
    		autoplay: true
    		var opacitySlider = '<?php echo $imageSliderOpacity ?>';
    		$('.slick-track').css( "opacity", opacitySlider);

    In my template block the same values (without the postID in the get_field) are working, but not in the footer.
    Can we use may be the key block in the get_field rather than post id, if yes how ?