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  • I don’t know what the problem could be from the information you have supplied. Generally, when there is an issue with content not being shown on the front end when the values in ACF are present in the admin is that the field key reference in the DB is not added correctly and this can happen when importing fields.

    What is the field key reference? For every field in ACF, for example “my_field” the meta key for this field is created based on the field name and a second associated field is created that is the field name preceded by an underscore (“_{$field_name}”. This allows ACF to look up the field settings for the field value.

    However, this is not generally an issue with text based fields where a single text value is saved for the field name. It can be an issue when text base fields are sub fields of another field.

    If the values are being populated to the DB under the correct meta key and they are text based fields and they are not sub fields then I haven’t got a clue what the issue could be.

    My next step would be to look in the database to see exactly what is being stored and where it is being stored and that it is in fact saved for the correct post ID.