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  • Hi vipstephan, thanks for getting back to me.

    Yes sorry let me explain myself a lot clearer.

    I have created 2 seperate field groups for 2 different restaurants as their menus have different types of items on them. I have attached screen shots to hopefully show what I mean.

    The CJ Menu Field Group, (cj-menu-field-group.png – screenshot attached) shows the correct corresponding custom fields on the custom post type depending on which menu it needs to display. There are 4 different menu types for CJ created as taxonomies. When I open each custom post type associated with each one of the different Menu types taxonomies, the correct custom fields display.

    So the A La Carte custom post type (a-la-carte-cpt.png – screenshot attached) shows the A La Carte custom fields as it should do.

    However the FI Menu Field Group (fi-menu-field-group.png – screenshot attached) shows the Beers and Soft Drinks custom fields on the Champagne and Prosecco custom post type (beers-soft-drinks-cpt.png – screenshot attached).

    As I have Menu taxonomies created for ‘Restaurants’, I was hoping that I could just filter them to the correct restaurants custom fields this way.

    I hope this makes sense and look forward to any help that you can offer.