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  • Hey @kandb,

    Yeh – so it’s specifically that double wrapper that’s our main issue at the moment. We don’t get much control on the outer wrapper, that’s a WordPress default and our attempts to avoid applying those classes/styles there have caused issues. The inner “wrapper” comes from your template, and that’s where these styles should live – but because we need to render PHP to build your template, we can’t easily “live” update your template with the styles as you do something in the block editor, say adding padding etc.

    Also, of course – someone could decide to put the styles somewhere deeper into the DOM of their template, so we can’t also just rely on the “outer” wrapper being the place where that should live. If we do stop the styles being applied on the WordPress outer wrapper, you’d have to wait for the AJAX request to re-render the template to see your changes, and this feels incredibly slow and “broken” vs native blocks.

    Anyway! We’ll get the fix for specific issue of the editor “forgetting” when you’ve applied things like spacing in the next day or so, and figure out the way forward from there!