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  • Hi John

    Thanks so much for that code, I added it today and it’s fetching the title which is brilliant.

    I am still struggling with the srcset images though.

    If you look here (it’s a tiny url to bypass the coming soon page and to stop the domain coming up in search results)

    You’ll see the 2 identical images of food stacked on top of eachother. When you inspect them, the size is listed as 741 x 1000 which is correct BUT when you look at the src image, even though the file name has -741×1000.jpg at the end of it, the intrinsic size is actually the full size? It’s the same for every image listed in the srcset?

    it does this if I have it set to medium or home_portrait but not if I switch it to thumbnail

    I’m sorry if the answer to this is in the comments you have already made but I jusy don’t get why? If I copy one of the URLS and paste it in a new window, the dimensions of the image appear to be correct so I don’t get why the intrinsic size seems to be listed wrong?

    Am I missing something here?