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  • Thank you both for replying.

    John, unfortunately your plugin did not work. I haven’t had a chance to troubleshoot as in disable other plugins, check logs. The temporary screen doesn’t appear.

    I also cranked the PHP settings by adding two zeroes to the already huge numbers I had the time-related settings to. That, and upon my advisement client switched to a higher tier hosting package, at Bluehost, and nothing has changed. Still get the same error, we simply cannot save the page.

    The hosting upgrade was also a nightmare as we ended up with all sites down for hours! It was almost as if Bluehost had never ever done that before.

    I told the client that we could upload all of the files that still need to be saved which is one PDF upload per row for 400 rows, via FTP, and manually copy and paste the file address into the database. I don’t wanna do that but I have to get this done with him somehow

    This site was Hebrew and English site which I did layer of complexity the whole way.

    The client does can use Selenium script to fill in the fields so yes I can get these fields working, the data entry part is easy. What boggles my mind is 10 fields and 400 rows all are now filled in and it’s just this one 11th field and most of those instances that needs a file uploaded to.

    I will take a closer look at seeing if I can get your plug in to work John because that is exactly what we needed.

    I know a little bit of mySQL but don’t write it, I know my way around phpMyAdmin though. I wonder if MySQL could be written in PHP MyaAdmin to insert the URL of each uploaded PDF into each row…

    What do you think?