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  • I was waiting also for a solution. Unfortunately time ran out and i had to find another solution.

    I ditched the Options page plugin and used similar plugin called “Types”.
    Although Types plugin serves the same purpose as ACF i still wanted to use it since it has better options (repeater field, etc).

    The problem was that i wanted to use custom fields in footer or elswhere and still have them translated. Second thing was to keep it simple and aesthetic.

    So i made a custom post type with Types- with Title no WYSIWYG editor.
    Then made a new page called “Front page banner translation” – and this page can be targeted in ACF.
    And all the fields can be translated from there (yey, no more string translation shit)

    Only thing you have to do now is to target those different pages and get the content from them. This can be done with this code-
    <?php $nr = icl_object_id( 177, true ); the_field('acf_field_name', $nr); ?>

    …where 177- is the page number of your custom page and acf_field_name your field name (duh).

    Quite simple to the client, easy code-wise.

    Let me know if there are questions