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  • Hi John, sorry for the late reply as I just saw your email today.

    Now I have tried to make something with 2 plugins (JetEngine and Jet Smart Filters from CrocoBlocks) and they are nice, but still I need more features which aren’t available with this. Though by using then now I have more idea of CPT. Plus now I have a live example of my requirement to share with you. Please have a look.

    So our test website is:
    – Aim is to built a website and then turn in into a Mobile app.

    Here please open AVAILABLE TAXI page :

    You will see that there are entries which are being generated with a front end form ( which is also from jet engine (Jet Engine Form Builder).

    Plus on AVAILABLE page I have also added filters like:
    1. Taxi from:
    2. Taxi to:
    3. Car model:
    4th is just the remove option that appears when I choose any filter (good stuff)

    Now features which I can’t get from CrocoBlock is that I for the sake of getting minimum requirement need:

    A date filter (more important) I need a date filter, not date range, like if you see the AVAILABLE page ( I have Date: in all entries. I want to filter these listing with DATE FIELD option.


    A Multi Select Dropdown in form, example, not as fancy as their but like when I search a city like Jaipur, then I just need to type J or JAI and I get related options in form.
    Its a important feature but I can live without it.

    Now date field option is available with JET Smart filter but its not working properly and the team at CrocoBlocks have accepted it as a Bug.

    So, I can get what I want with ACF?

    Jatin Chhabra