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  • Let’s not forget that using the problem is not there when using option types like ‘post-object’ and ‘page-link’ because they don’t ‘hardcode’ the url to the database, but (probably?) use a filter to process the post ID when retrieving the value. The ‘url’ and ‘link’ fields hardcode the value to the database.

    I understand that there’s the possibility to create my own option type. I don’t have any experience with that for Advanced Custom Fields, but it’s a possibility. I can just be honest: I don’t have the knowledge to build something like that.

    But if you mention that this problem has been around for a long time and keeps coming back from time to time.. shouldn’t that be considered as a sign that it’d be a good idea for ACF to look into it more? Maybe a complete solution is possible?

    But well.. maybe WordPress will implement a solution on their own. The only real change that should be made is that internal links get saved with their ID instead of the plain url, and then process it when retrieving it.