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  • There is always the option of creating your own field type that has every option in it. There have been attempts to do this but they have all been short lived, meaning that after a time the authors stop maintaining them. But it the end it would not reduce the coding and could increase it. This question has been around and repeated for a long time. The main issue is that all the possibilities and use cases become a rabbit hole. To be honest, it would be impossible to encompass all of the options in my link group field into a single field.

    I have been building my system for some time, it does help to start on a new project. But it has evolved into a system that allows for the adding of CTA buttons to almost anything and there is a corresponding CTA button builder that allows clients to design CTA buttons and links. Yes, a template part could be seen as overkill for something as simple as a link, but it saves me a huge amount of time over re-codeing and I only have to make changes in a single location rather then hunt down all the places. I have not coded the showing of a link or CTA button in a very long time.

    ACF, while it can make things simpler, is a admin tool for building the admin UI. It’s goal is to make it easier and faster to build the UI for your client. ACF does not do anything that a developer cannot do without ACF using built in WP functions. Can you imagine the time it would take you to build a site if you had to build all of the UI parts that ACF lets you build, not to mention making it look as refined as an ACF field group. When Elliot built ACF the goal was to give us the tools to make the admin easier and free us from it so that we could devote our time to the front end of the site. I know that the linking seems like a PITA with all the different possibilities that you might need to incorporate.

    But all of this discussion does not fix the OP, that is of updating the urls in link fields. This is something that that is so complicated that even export/import tools to not replace hard coded URLs in content.