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  • BlakeHampson,

    You are right at naming those good points about Gutenberg.

    To me, this discussion boils down to what one wants to do with WordPress. If one is planning on creating a site with a scope that is similar to what one could do with SquareSpace or Wix, then Gutenberg is perfect.

    However, if one is planning on using WordPress as a CMS, managing a complex tree structure, with an intricate layout, where every bit of information must be available through WordPress queries from anywhere, in or outside the site, as discrete bits of information; and where, sometimes, one needs to import from an old site hundreds of pages, and precisely direct each old content type onto specific places in the backend (and the database), then Gutenburg is not your friend.

    It is not WordPress fault, nor Gutenberg’s. Many of us starting using WordPress for something it wasn’t built for. That’s how ACF came into the picture. It solves the need for a feature rich CMS.

    This debate has prompted me to look for WordPress alternatives. And in indeed, it is very difficult to find a CMS that is easy on the server, easy to update, with big community support, safe, user friendly, feature rich, longeve, and… that doesn’t cost an arm a leg on monthly fees.