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  • Hello John or other users who know something about this topic,

    I have some questions regarding the solution described to migrate from Simple Fields to ACF5 fields.
    First of all: does this solution still work?

    Then: a long time ago I worked as a COBOL-programmer and I managed to execute step 1, 2 and 3 myself. But I fear steps 4 and 5 are too complicated for me.
    Is it possible to fill the new ACF5 fields manually? We (a travel agency) use Simple Fields to show extra information for every sample tour we offer (like day-to-day-itinerary, customer review, tips, see e.g., left sidebar). We have 85 tours, with a maximum of 3 fields per tour, so it can be done manually without much effort.

    My last 2 questions concern step 7:
    How do you know in which templates and function.php Simple Fields is used? A simple search doesn’t seem to work.
    How should I call the AFC 5 function? It’s with the same parameters as for Simple Fields?
    An example from single-travel.php (which displays the left sidebar) is:
    $meta_schema = simple_fields_get_post_value($post->ID, “travel schedule”, true);

    Thanks, any help is welcome.

    Irene de Jonge
    Blini Reizen