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  • I will say that I’ve seen a lot of interest in other support posts for an auto-incrementing id feature in ACF. For me, the question is what value to assign to this unique_id field in each repeater row.

    Ideally, I’d like to have this unique_id just be an integer equal to the total number of rows in the repeater at the moment the post is saved. So if there’s only 1 row, the unique_id value of that row is 1. If there’s one and a second is added, the unique_id value of that second row is 2, and so on. If the row order is changed, who cares. The unique_id integers don’t change and can’t be edited. This integer value is already automatically auto-incremented and stored in the database in the field with the name of repeater itself – this is the number of current rows in the repeater. It’d be great to use this same auto-incrementing feature as a kind of unique_id field for each repeater row. I’ve seen numerous other requests for this feature while searching for a solution to my issue.

    Instead, I’m using this which works fine but adds a 13 digit unique id using PHP’s uniqid() which seems like overkill to me.

    It’d be really cool to see ACF integrate both an optional uneditable unique id field to repeater rows and add a way in the standard backend stack of options to select this row elsewhere in ACF. It seems from searching the documentation and support that I’m not the only one looking to achieve this.

    Thanks again for reading!