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  • I am not the developer and there is a new owner of this plugin. If you contact them they might look into this.

    Please do some research on html number fields. What you’re asking in this case is not something that’s actually possible to do. I have looked into it multiple times because this is a recurring topic. The only solution that I have found is to use a text field instead of a number field and add custom JavaScript to make the text field behave like a number field including decimal point and thousands separator.

    here is one example of a related discussion.

    Every time I have looked into this I have found the same conclusion.

    I’m not saying that this is not a feature that is needed or wanted, what I am saying is that with the current state of the html input type number field that it is not possible at this time. In order to do so the ACF number type field would need to be completely rebuilt to ignore the HTML standard number field in favor of its own solution.