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  • Hi,

    Mention to us what you are attempting to do in German Language?

    My site utilizes ACF Pro in the back end.

    I have a gathering field with 3 subfields:

    1. A radio catch. which shouldn’t be deciphered. I just need to get to the catch esteem picked by the site’s manager. This worth is something very similar for any language.

    I set this present field’s Translation inclinations to duplicate

    2 and 3. Picture handle each. a similar picture can be utilized in any of the dialects, yet it’s Alt, Captions, and title tag ought to be deciphered (which btw, is the situation for all media in my site).

    Interpretation inclinations for these two picture fields: not certain what to utilize?

    Furthermore there’s simply the interpretation inclinations for the gathering field itself. Which confounds me, since I’m as of now being approached to set the inclinations for each of the subfields.


    Is there any documentation that you are following?

    Your docs.

    My seetings are

    * Dashboard > WPML > Settings > Post Types Translation checked the ‘Translatable – use interpretation if accessible or fallback to default language’ for the Media (connection)’ post sort.

    * Dashboard > WPML > Settings > Media Translation > How to deal with media for new substance: checked ‘While transferring media to the Media library, make it accessible in all dialects’ and different ones are unchecked.