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  • ACF is a plugin built primarily for developers. Think of it as a shell that lets you do things in the WP admin that you can do without ACF, but without the need to code those changes. The most time consuming part of adding custom a custom field UI to a post page is the coding required to do so. The primary focus of ACF is to make that part of building a custom site less painful so that you can get on with the important part of building the custom front end by using simple functions.

    This is one >90% of it’s users do with it.

    ACF provides a host of filters and actions that can be used to extend this functionality for those that want to do more. It is entirely possible that you can do what you want, but there is nothing built in that will allow you to do it. Granted, it sometimes takes knowing the plugin well and understanding what can be done with various fields to come up with a solution.

    There are other tools that will let you incorporate ACF fields because they have added extensions that can deal with the data that ACF stores. But these will always be inferior to doing the actual coding yourself do to the complex nature of some of the field types in ACF.