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  • Hi John,

    Thanks a lot for your answer.
    Somehow I’m a little surprised (maybe because I’m kind of a noob and don’t understand the system behing custom fields) that there is no built-in or relatively easy solution to display custom fields values in the backend.
    What actually surprises me is that more people don’t need this functionality (I had googled a lot before posting).

    Anyway, I really thought I could build a great system with ACF alone but I’m starting to wonder if want I want to do is out of ACF scope. If you don’t answer that’s fine 😉

    In short: 
    – I have a “product” custom post type with custom fields, including many internal ones.
    – I have a “proposals” custom post type with a repeater field to add products. 

    => I want, when a product is added in my Proposal post, to display info related to that product on the backend : 

    Example, if I add “Hotel XYZ” in the proposal:
    – It would add some internal warning message related to Hotel XYZ below the table. Can be read-only, no problem.
    – It would also add the Hotel XYZ description (as a field in another repeater field, I suppose). However, I want this description to be editable (so, display the product description as default value of the field).

    I played around with the Clone and Relationship features but couldn’t reach the results i wanted…