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  • Hi John,

    Your information helped me solve my problem. I am very grateful!

    If others are looking to do a similar thing, here are the specifics on what I did to display a list of users filtered by custom criteria.

    Set up an ACF relationship field, set to show up on each user’s edit page.
    Update some of your users to provide data to work with.
    Plugin= Dynamic OOO. They have several dynamic tools, but the Views tool worked for this purpose (this tool is flexible and powerful). I struggled with their Dynamic Users tool for a long time until I realized that it couldn’t do the type of query I needed.
    Create or Edit the page in Elementor and drag the “Views” tool onto your page.
    In the settings under Object, click on the Users icon (the middle one).
    In the Where – Filter criteria settings, set the filter to the name of your ACF relationship field. Also, set the Operator to “LIKE” and in Value, choose “Post ID” from the dropdown.

    To see your result, in the Elementor page settings you will want to make sure that the preview settings are set to the type of content and pages that you are currently working with.