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  • Thanks John,

    I can see how ‘NOT LIKE’ would work if there were only one option to consider. Here I need something like ‘not like exclude past OR not like cancelled’ (there are other checkbox values in this field which I do need to let through).

    Possible values:
    – Cancelled
    – Exclude Past
    – Online
    – No Venue

    Of course it’s also possible that none will be selected. The behaviour I am looking to create is that any post which has either the Cancelled or the Exclude Post (or both) checked is left out of the query, and that everything else gets through.

    So ‘NOT LIKE’ still only excludes/includes based on a single possible checkbox value, correct? How do we do that for more than one of them?

    That’s interesting about the date values. I’ve been using that part of this query for ages and it works fine for me (provided I set the return value of the date field correctly). I’ll switch to NUMERIC and see what happens!