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  • I’m currently in the process of creating a cinema-based website. I’m using WordPress with Advanced Custom Fields to control all of the content and so far I have the films and the associated content (images and film information) setup.

    I’m now at the point where I want to create a cinema listing area and associate the films with them, along with relevant showtimes (and also show the showtime information on the film’s individual page based on the cinema selected). To make this manageable I was thinking of using a table to enter all of the film showtimes for each cinema but this seems overly-complex.

    How would you approach this and does anyone have any knowledge of how theatres/cinemas have this setup on their websites so they can easily manage Tweakbox showtimes on a per-cinema basis, or do they use generic timing for every cinema/film?

    Thanks in advance!

    issue got solved