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  • Thanks for this Stefan!

    I was just about to post my own report about this after spending a day figuring it out 🙂

    I have several acf_form calls on my page, each with different field groups in their options (various popups contain these different forms).

    I had originally thought the solution was I was moving the form with the Google Map field using jQuery’s appendTo, because I’d solved it by using wrap instead, but it only worked because it just so happened it was the first form on the page.

    Later on when I added another form to a div before that one, things stopped working, and so I thought it was something to do with a JS conflict or whatever. So I created a blank PHP template and only loaded in the acf_form calls and noticed that things only stopped working when the form containing the field group with the Google Map field wasn’t at the top.

    So yeah, I solved the problem by moving that hidden popup div containing the map to the very top of my markup 🙂

    If only I had come across this page sooner in my searching for a solution!

    Just thought I’d explain my problem for anyone else having the same trouble to confirm the issue: if you’re using several acf_form calls on the frontend, ensure the one containing the Google Map is first in your markup otherwise the map canvas will be blank.

    Thanks again Stefan!