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  • Some progress to report – I tried moving your example completely out of our plugin and dropped it into a WordPress template, and that successfully updated the repeater!

    So, we now know it’s something about calling that code from within the plugin that is causing repeater updates not to function (but allowing Text and Number fields to be updated without issue, for some reason).

    I tried identifying the post ID manually from within the plugin, like so:

    $repeater_key = 'field_6050d513a3996';
    $value =  array(
    		'field_6050d550a3997' => '(123)456-7890',
    		'field_6050d596a3998' => 'description sent from plugin'
    update_field($repeater_key, $value, 48058);

    Sadly, this did not work either – but we’re making progress!

    So the question now becomes: Is there anything that could possibly block repeater (or perhaps just nested?) updates from happening when done within a plugin?