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  • @hube2 I think that the issue is actually trying to “merge” two forms, as far as I understood @eivindfs.
    He did state that he set ‘form’=>false then wrapped his acf_form in the <form> tags.

    My challenge is to make two forms post with one submit button. I set form => false on both, add my own form tags and submit button manually, and it doesn’t work. At all. (as described above)

    It’s not that a single button will submit 2 forms, it’s that the acf_form is not being submitted or saved if the tags are not rendered by the function.
    Right now, I’m taking a look at form-front.php to see what I might be missing whenever I try to render it with ‘form’=>false.

    Even more interesting, if you use acf_form(), (without parameters), it works perfectly fine.