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  • I use clone fields heavily to make managing component blocks and their fields easier. There are some things about the Group setting that I dislike similar to alpipego. Since the seamless fields have conditional displays within that field group, is it possible to have a “nested” set of display fields for seamless fields too that are honored at the parent-level? For example:

    Background Settings Field Group

    – Background Type (radio)
    — Option 1: None
    — Option 2: Color
    — Option 3: Image
    – Background Color (color picker; displays when “Option 2: Color” is selected)
    – Background Image (image; displays when “Option 3: Image” is selected)

    Then in a flexible field, there is a group of flexible fields that reuses the background settings field group like so.

    – Content (WYSIWYG)
    – Media Type (radio)
    — Option 1: Image
    — Option 2: Form
    – Image (image; displays when “Option 1: Image” is selected)
    – Form (post object; displays when “Option 2: Form” is selected)
    – Form Background (clone; displays when “Option 2: Form” is selected) <– Honor this conditional display in parent flexible fields, and then honor conditional display in fields of field group