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  • Hi John,

    Thanks for your extended feedback and your vision on the makes and models part. Basically this is already implemented as is as the case described above within a single taxonomy in a parent child construction.

    I managed to change the text for the tooltip and title from the popup thanks to your valuable feedback. Much appreciated, thanks!

    So i have only 1 thing to figure out and that is altering that parent selector field for the taxonomy.

    I have been digging true the fields file at “acf/includes/fields/class-acf-field-taxonomy”.

    So basically i need to be able to modify/extend the class “acf_field_taxonomy” / function “ajax_add_term” and change the behavior for field key X and Y.

    I will have some sleep and see if i can come to somekind of solution 😀

    if( is_taxonomy_hierarchical( $field['taxonomy'] ) ) {
    			$choices = array();
    			$response = $this->get_ajax_query($args);
    			if( $response ) {
    				foreach( $response['results'] as $v ) { 
    					$choices[ $v['id'] ] = $v['text'];
    				'label'			=> __('Parent', 'acf'),
    				'name'			=> 'term_parent',
    				'type'			=> 'select',
    				'allow_null'	=> 1,
    				'ui'			=> 0,
    				'choices'		=> $choices